Organic Dog and Cat Treats


The Modern Pet, an online, eco-chic pet boutique, was founded to provide stylish dog and cat products that match the modern ethos of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Based in Northern California, we handcraft most of our products and carefully research and select the rest ----We strive to always offer products that benefit pets, their owners, and the environment simultaneously. No mega-corporations, no unpronounceable ingredients, no petrochemical additives or toxins... We pride ourselves on being small-scale, handmade, organic, wild, grass-fed, biodegradable, and of course... oh-so-stylish.

 If you haven't visited us recently, please be sure to browse through the categories in the navigation bar along the left side of the screen  ---there are now more ways to find that perfect earth-friendly and stylish item, and lots of exciting new products.  To see all our newest offerings at once, you can click on the "New Items" link under "Special Items" at the bottom of the left-hand Navigation Bar.


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