Bravo! Dry Roasted Buffalo Liver

Bravo! Dry Roasted Buffalo Liver


These Bravo! Buffalo Bonus Bites are dry-roasted grass-fed Bison liver. We're really excited to offer these hard-to-find grass-fed liver treats. Liver is one of the most nutrient rich organs, and is an excellent supplement to a carnivore's diet. You probably know how eagerly pets greet a tasty liver treat, but you may not know that up to 40% of conventionally raised, grain-fed cattle have liver abscesses when harvested. Yuck! These grass-fed Bison liver treats, on the other hand, are a delicious and wholesome, healthy addition to your pet's diet. Imagine that ---more delicious AND more nutritious! Bravo's special drying process seals in maximum flavor and nutrition without using preservatives, so your pets get the healthiest treats available. And grass-fed instead of grain-fed means much higher quality nutrition, while supporting the buffalo (bison) industry helps restore native prairieland habitats!

8 oz. container

Ingredients: Grass-fed buffalo liver

Price: $12.99