Reknitz Dog Sweaters

Reknitz Dog Sweaters

 The Modern Pet

Reknitz™ sweaters - simple, stylish and good for the environment! Made in the USA from reclaimed cotton fibers, each sweater saves water and does not require fertilizers, insecticides, dyes, and even farmland!

The cotton yarn is derived from pre-consumer textile table remnants, that are cleaned and separated into raw fibers. The cotton fibers are then blended with 24% new acrylic fibres and spun into yarn for the sweaters. What's more is that the fibers are not re-colored, as the careful mixing of textile cuttings creates the eye-catching palette we used Reknitz.

Available in 5 sizes., simply measure your dog from their collar to their tail to determine the recommended size for your little furry friend. Made specifically for Small Breeds!

Easy cleaning, machine washable cold/cold and dry on delicate. Made with pride in the USA.

Price: $38.00