Tall Modern Cat Condo

Tall Modern Cat Condo

All kinds of positions to play and rest, perch and pounce. These foam scratching pads are comfortable enough for a cat nap, yet durable and safe enough for your cat to dig their claws into. The elegant steel frame is stable and built to last.

Is my cat going to like the padded scratching pads?
Not only does the fabric look great in your home, but your cat will enjoy digging their claws into the specially designed foam layer. It's great for the health of their claws!

Will the fabric be durable?
Yes. Special cross-woven fabric is used that is highly durable and does not unravel when scratched by your cat. If you have a ambitious scratcher, you can rotate the pads to ensure even wear. In special cases of long term heavy use, the foam scratching pads can be replaced.

Easy to keep clean.
Modern Cat Design cat furniture is really easy to keep clean with periodic vacuuming. Our recommendation is to use a fabric roller for quick cleaning.

Built to last with top quality materials.
This cat tower weights 30lbs and is constructed of steel and high density fiberboard. It is only 40" tall, so the center of gravity is relatively low. We have many customers with large cats, and they've reported great results.

Modern Cat Designs Modern Condo
Innovative padded design allows cats to scratch and nap, and since your cats furniture is just as stylish as the rest of your home, you can keep it out when company comes over. Now that's something we can sink our claws into!

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